Tag: Post Bootcamp Tips

Setting Up JupyterLab and Voilà

I’ve been on sort of a kick playing around with using Voilà to display Jupyter notebooks. Voilà is really slick for displaying the output

Changing Web Hosts

This post covers changing web hosts and also mentions specifically what services I use (and recommend) for domain name registration, DNS, email and hosting.

Bootcamp Week 10

So when I went to move this from the original site into WordPress a few months after the bootcamp was over, my post for

Bootcamp Week 9

Monday Today I took what I learned over the weekend and incorporated a map into our actual Capstone project. It ended up being more

Bootcamp Week 8

Monday Now that my PWP is turned in, next up is just focusing on my capstone project. I’m really excited for the next steps:

Bootcamp Week 7

Monday Another Monday morning. First order of business today was signing up for Digital Ocean, the hosting site the Bootcamp uses for Personal Website

Bootcamp Week 6

Half way!! We’re officially at the half way point of our 10 week bootcamp. So, my not very enlightening overall reflections: I’m enjoying learning