IPython/Jupyter Lab Notebooks in WordPress

I’ve been a hobbiest blogger for a long time, took a web development bootcamp and then transitioned into teaching data science.

When I discovered what was possible with IPython Notebooks in Jupyter Lab, I was psyched. As I started reading more about data science things on the internet, I became really interested in the people that were using Jupyter Lab notebooks for blogging.

For now at least, I’ve set this blog up on WordPress. I’ve been tempted to check out a Python-based option instead, but at the end of the day, WordPress actually works pretty well for me for small, personal blogs.

nbconvert plugin

So I decided to figure out if I could incorporate Jupyter Lab notebooks in my blog posts. There was not a WordPress plugin on the WordPress store that I could find, but there was one on Github. The author has a blog post with more information on it.

It makes adding a IPython Notebook as easy as putting a url in a WordPress shortcode.


The installation instructions suggested using a plugin called wppusher that allows one to migrate plugins and themes directly from Github, Gitlab, etc. This sounds like a really cool idea, but it wasn’t going to work for me because I have my site setup so that plugins can only be installed on the command line using wp-cli.

Just downloading it as a zip file and installing it via wp-cli worked just fine though. Presumably one could also download it as a zip file and upload it to the WordPress interface if they wanted to install it without using wppusher or wp-cli.

Sample notebook

Here’s an example of how this renders a sample notebook.

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