Half way!!

We’re officially at the half way point of our 10 week bootcamp. So, my not very enlightening overall reflections:

  • I’m enjoying learning so much stuff.
  • It’s cool to see how far everybody in the group has come.
  • The schedule is exhausting. Bootcamp is 8-5, but I have to be out of the door by 7 to make it on time and don’t get home until 6. Then there is the whole business of taking care of a two year old. I’m really starting to look forward to being done and having Christmas break. Then figuring out what is next for me…


A snap challenge, progress checks for our personal websites, setting up the framework for PWP email forms & some open work time.

Also, working on a javascript project to do silly things like change text color and ROT13 “encryption”.


Email Forms

This morning was spent wiring up email forms for our personal web projects. It was a really cool piece to get working because it’s one of the first things we’ve done that really connects the front-end and the back-end.

The layout for the form is done with html/css. There is javascript that runs on the browser to validate the fields and to send the input back to a php file on the server using AJAX. I liked seeing the pieces all connect together.

Also, I started out with an annoying typo that made my whole thing not work and be really frustrating, so once I figured it out I was extra pleased.

Group Unit Testing

The afternoon was spent going through unit tests with my capstone group.



An open source program for testing REST APIs. It was cool to see how this works and start to get more of the big picture of how all of the pieces connect.


Some notes from our talk about system administration. Since I’ve started running Linux on my personal computer and a good chunk of this talk was about Linux relates stuff since that’s what the majority of web servers run, this was of particular interest to me.

A lot of the stuff I have seen before, but seeing it again is helping to cement my understanding. I’ve also written a ton of batch files for running on Windows computers so learning how to do the equivalent in Linux is nice.

Introduction to System Administration

Sys Admins

  • Network setup
  • Security
  • Tech support
  • Managing servers

When we talk about sys admins in web development, we’re talking about managing web servers.

Linux commands- since most web servers run Linux

IP addresses- IPv4 & IPv6.

Running bash scripts


access is for current user, user & anyone

1-execute 2- write 4-execute add them up for total 7- read, write, execute

chmod 744 my-script.sh

environment variables

export greeting=”hello world”

echo $greeting

See all the environment variables that are stored


Some more stuff

Output to a file

ls -al > my-ls.txt

>> appends to end of file instead of overwriting

ls -al >> my-ls.txt

send output from one command to the next

foo | bar

chain commands

run bar no matter what

foo; bar

run bar only if foo runs

foo && bar

cowsay hi


Vim: dd deletes a whole line

V for visual mode – highlight stuff

I for Insert

:wq to write & quit

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