Today I took what I learned over the weekend and incorporated a map into our actual Capstone project. It ended up being more complicated than I had imagined since the practice run I did over the weekend was just straight CSS/HTML/JavaScript. Our Capstone uses React so I was trying to figure out how to wire everything up with that. Plus the sample code I was looking at was using Class based components and we’re using functional components. It was confusing to figure out, but eventually I got the map in.

And… I got the zoom/pan functionality to work!


Today’s win was getting my map to display a single crime point. It took a ridiculously long time again, but I was happy with it in the end. I felt a little stressed about trying to get all of the crimes to display on the map until one of the instructors recommended just breaking it into little pieces. (I know darned well that this is problem solving 101, but it helped tremendously to be reminded of it.)


Another small step of progress. I removed my hardwired point and passed in an array of a few crimes. I changed out the code to loop through them and display all of them. Now I have four fake data points on the map, but I have the process down so once I pass real data in, it will display as many points as I give it.


Today’s progress was making an informational pop-up come up when a crime is clicked on. I struggled (again) with trying to translate the class based examples to functional code. But I struggled with different parts than last time, so progress.

Also, my pop-ups did not want to close out. I fought with it and fought with it and fought with it and then asked for help. One of the great things about Bootcamp is having people around whose job it is to help me when I just can’t figure something out on my own.

I think there is a ton of value in trying to figure things out for myself. It’s also worth knowing when it is time to reach out and ask for help.


I worked on trying to get our capstone project deployed to my own hosting service. I made some progress, but have not yet succeeded.

Also my team worked on getting our slide show ready and then the afternoon consisted of practice presentations to help us get ready for our final presentations next week.

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