Trying out the Elementor Plugin for WordPress (And loving it!)

I’ve become an unexpected fan of the Elementor plugin. I was convinced to try it out watching some of the stuff from Pete at Do You Even Blog. But I was still skeptical.

Elementor is a WSYWIG editor for WordPress sites so you can design your pages and blog to look exactly how you want. I’ve played with a lot of poorly implemented WSYWIG editors and was pretty reluctant. Plus I actually know how to write HTML and CSS which gives so much precision and control. I wasn’t convinced I needed anything else.

After playing around with Elementor a bit though I think I’m sold. It’s super easy to use and the pro version allows for complete control of a WordPress site. I even ditched my previous theme and installed the Hello theme by Elementor. It’s super light-weight and is basically just made to be customized using Elementor.

I was able to quickly make my site exactly how I want it and can easily change it later. Elementor also makes it really easy to make reusable elements – blocks, menus, pop-ups, opt-ins and more. I’m really excited about that.

For now with this site, I’m sticking to a super minimal design. At this point I don’t have an email list, linked social media accounts or anything that I want cluttering up my site. Elementor has made this simple design easy and I can also tell that if I want to make my site more elaborate it will be super simple.

So far I’m really happy and planning to use Elementor to update my other WordPress site. I’d definitely recommend it to others. It allows so much customization of one’s site which can become really frustrating with most themes.

It does take just a little getting used to, but it’s not too bad if one is willing to invest a few hours into figuring out how it works.

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