Bootcamp Week 5

Week 5 Day 1 Today we reviewed our Bootstrap challenge from the weekend and also had a Bootstrap snap challenge in the morning. So,

Bootcamp Week 4

Day 1 Snap challenge CSS challenge review Capstone project work. We’ve been working on our group capstone project a lot over the last week.

Bootcamp Week 3

Monday Snap challenge – create a basic class. Planning Poker & Asana discussion to get us started with our teams. A field trip to

Bootcamp Week 2

Monday Monday Morning Snap Challenge The goal of this snap challenge was to: Write code or psuedocode to convert a weight in ounces, pounds,

Bootcamp Week 1

Monday We started out introducing ourselves. Then we talked a bit about the things we did in our prework. The Stack We also went

Bootcamp Prework

There was quite a bit of required prework to be able to join the Bootcamp. Day 1 they told us that the prework is

Why take a coding bootcamp?

Coding & Full Stack Web Development I’ve dabbled in programming here and there in the past and I know I like it and it